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Business Transformation

Today, no Business Transformation reaches its true potential without a strong and early partnership with technology. 

Large, Complex and Crisis Change

You’ve got a critical initiative underway.  It can’t fail, but it’s either already in trouble or you have a gut feel it’s about to be.

Outsourcing & Shared Services

Managing in an outsourced or shared-services model is more complex than it sounds, just ask anyone who’s done it before.  But there ar

High Performance Organizational Design & Governance

Getting the most out of your people, partners and vendors while keeping them motivated is the holy grail. 

Financial Management for Technology

In the end, it’s all about the numbers.  But there’s a big difference between standard business financials, and getting useful technology financials

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The Whitestone Group is a fully independent and unbiased group that specializes in successfully assisting organizations transform their business through the intelligent application of people, process and technology.  

What is our core strength and key differentiator?  

Quite simply, it’s our people.  We have people you don’t normally find, skills combinations that are rare, and a level of experience that we'll stack up against anyone.  Whatever you want to do (within our areas of expertise), odds are we’ve been there and done that.  Successfully. 

We are firm believers that in today’s world,

  • Businesses can no longer succeed without an intimate understanding of what technology can do for them. 
  • Businesses can no longer succeed without a strong ability to implement technology in a way that is of maximum benefit to their specific requirements.  
  • Business transformation sucess requires people that can speak both “biz” and “tech”.  
  • To leap ahead of the pack you need people on your team that have done it before, otherwise you will spend most of your time re-inventing, instead of inventing.

We bring to the table a team of highly experienced and accomplished people who have been very successful in their careers.   Our philosophy is simple:  Work hard, bring all our experience to the table, work with (not against) those around us, have a bit of fun, and work ourselves out of a job while at the same time passing  on our knowledge. 

We also understand where our strengths lie and that is the space we play in.  If we can’t do what you ask, we’ll tell you and point you in the direction of someone who can. 

Integrity is key.  Always.

We encourage you to browse through our site as we are continuously adding what we believe to be innovative and useful information.   To have our content pushed to you, sign up for our advisory.  It’s free for now.


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