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Financial Management for Technology

In the end, it’s all about the numbers.  But there’s a big difference between standard business financials, and getting useful technology financials   and charge back structures in place.


How many companies specialize in Integrated Technology Financial Management?  Very few.  We do.


Often the biggest point of contention between technology organizations and their clients (whether internal or external) is NOT the actual provision of the technology services, but rather, the cost of those services.


Removing this contention is one of the most difficult things for many technology organizations to do, mostly because they are technology and process specialists, and not financial specialists.


Unfortunately, most of the people trained in standard financial management do not understand how to apply their discipline effectively in the technical space.


It is therefore one of the most important and overlooked skill-sets, due to its direct relationship to the satisfaction of the end recipient of technology services.


Getting this right can often mean the difference between a satisfied customer and an irate one.



We’ve got some of the most experienced and accomplished people in the Financial Management for Technology space.


We can definitely help.


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