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Prior Engagements

In this section you will find a few of our accomplishments that we are especially proud of:

Rescue of a $2B Outsourcing Deal
Eight months into one of the worlds largest financial services IT outsourcing deals, the client became significantly concerned that services were deteriorating rapidly. Trusted by both the vendor and the service provider, The Whitestone Group was given control of a team that spanned both the vendor and the client. We successfully stabilized both the technology and the relationship to the full satisfaction of both parties by implementing key best practices not only in the technology space, but in the people and governance space as well.
Revitalization of an IBM Business Unit
The Whitestone Group was asked by IBM to build the future state of one of their niche business units. We assembled a team from some of the worlds’ leading experts in their area of business and technology that defined and launched the first phase of a multi-year, $240m revenue-positive program to completely revitalize the Business and the underlying supporting technologies.
Outsourcing / Shared Services Governance & Relationship Management Model
Based on industry best practices along with the best of our own broad experiences, The Whitestone Group designed a leading edge IT Governance & Relationship Management Model. The model is currently being used by the two largest Outsourcing service providers in the world.
Concurrent Rescue of 3 Large & Troubled Initiatives
The Whitestone Group was asked by one of North America’s larger financial institutions to simultaneously run the initiatives to rescue 3 multi-hundred million dollar troubled initiatives.
Creation of multi-year Strategic Technology Plans for the Canadian Government
The Whitestone Group defined and delivered a 5-year strategic and tactical Infrastructure Architecture and Plan for the Canadian Federal Government’s second largest department, Indian and Northern Affairs. 
The Whitestone Group also created a detailed, six-year enterprise-wide Infrastructure Technology Plan for the Privy Council Office (including the Office of the Prime Minister) of the Canadian Federal Government.
Internet Channel and Mobile Product Development and Deployment
The Whitestone group was called upon by a large financial institution to advise and assist in the rescue of a critical initiative designed to put the bank’s offerings online in both the internet and mobile channels.
Bell Credit Card Pay Phone Deployment
The Whitestone Group was called upon to assist in the definition and development of critical systems in support of the cross-Canada rollout of Bell’s Credit Card enabled pay phones

Besides the specific initiatives above, over the years our team has either been involved in or successfully led a large number of business transformation-through-technology initiatives.


We have also led the implementation, advised upon, or been involved in numerous technology outsourcing initiatives.
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