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Why Us

We speak business. We speak technology. We can help you make change work.


At The Whitestone Group, we are very very particular about who we choose to have work for us.   We are also quite particular about who we choose to work with, as unlike most of the consulting, advisory and assistance firms out there, we are not obsessed with growing our business for the sake of generating more revenue.
You're only as good as your people
Every single person that belongs to The Whitestone Group is a very special person. A person that has been chosen primarily for their proven and significant accomplishments, their moral compass, their ability to work with and complement a wide variety of people, and their positive outlook on life in general.
You could sum us up as highly accomplished people who work very hard, integrate well yet get things done quickly, and not only that, are enjoyable to deal with. And none of our partners have less than 15 years of experience. In fact, to us, 15 years of experience is just the start. Many of our senior and executive partners have 20 or more years under their belt.
Nobody does it better than someone who's done it before
The value we bring to the table, besides having ‘been there and done that’ is that we truly understand business. We know, to the core, that success is usually only granted to the few who truly understand what it is they are in the business of providing, and then use all means possible to maximize their ability to deliver it.
But we also truly understand the value and use of technology.   Like it or not, in today’s world the only way to survive is to use technology in support of your business. However, to do more than just survive, to succeed and to succeed wildly, one must understand the pros and cons of the various and rapidly changing technologies, along with the cost / benefit to your specific situation.   Often organizations fail when they fail to understand that one size does not fit all, that what works for one group may not work for another.
Technology is supposed to help make you better, not slow you down
At The Whitestone Group, we understand that you need to know what your costs are at any given time, and be able to manage them as circumstances change. We understand you need to be able to analyze your data from every conceivable angle in order to determine efficiencies in supply chain, in order to understand your customer base, and in order to manage your people.
At The Whitestone Group we understand that you need to be able provide your clients with service or products that differentiate you from your competition. We understand that you want your sales process and people to be more efficient, that you want to be able to market to your client base using all available channels, including and especially the new internet and mobile enabled ones.
And at The Whitestone Group, we understand that you need to have the best yet most cost effective technologies in place to do all of the above.
We speak business. We speak technology. We can help you make change work.
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