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Business Transformation

Business Transformation

Today, no Business Transformation reaches its true potential without a strong and early partnership with technology. Looking to move ahead of the pack? We speak, understand and know how to motivate both ‘biz’ and ‘tech’.

Nobody does it like someone who’s done it…

Chances are, whatever you need, we’ve done it before. We have full access to specialists in a number of areas related to successfully implementing change. These include:

  • experts in large, complex project delivery (and project recovery)
  • experts in defining, implementing and managing multiple vendors in an outsourced or shared-services environment
  • experts who understand intimately how to structure an organization for peak performance
  • experts in a variety of technological disciplines
  • experts in understanding how to triage the right combination of People and Technology to transform your business abilities
  • experts in the definition and unification of business strategy with technology strategy

We understand Change. We breathe Change. We know that if you don’t embrace Change you will quickly become obsolete.

Today, putting the right technology in place is just as important as putting the right financial controls in place; just as important as your ability to sell; just as important as an efficient supply chain. In fact, we’d suggest that you really can’t do any of the above very well any more without the help of technology.

What else allows you to reach over a billion people?

It used to be that you defined your business goals first, and then adapted a technology strategy to support it. Those days are long gone. Today, if you’re not actively integrating into the new channels that are only possible through tech, you’re missing huge opportunities. Technology MUST be integrated into the start of your business planning cycle, not the end of it.

You only need three things to succeed:

First and foremost, you need a good idea. That’s where you come in. You know your business, you know your customers, and you know your market. You decide ‘WHAT’ it is you want to do, to change, and to implement from a business perspective.

Second you need good people and you need to get the most out of them. This is an area where we can help. Not only do we have great people that have ‘been there, done that’ but we also know how to organize, motivate and generally get the most out of a team, whether they are employees, contractors, local or remote.

Third you need “a way to deliver on your idea”. We translate that as needing the appropriate processes and technologies that support (not hinder) what it is you want to do. Quite frankly, this is where most great ideas end up in the graveyard, because although one may have a great idea, we’ve found that the idea, no matter how ground-breaking or innovative, is only 5% of the success equation. The other 95% is having the right leadership, people, process and technology to deliver on the idea.

We understand business, we understand technology, and we also understand how to get the most from people. But most importantly of all, we know how to make all three work together so that the ‘whole’ is greater than the sum of the parts.

IT–related business investments have the potential to deliver far greater returns than almost any other conventional investment”

ING SeaQuation

“‘Without proper alignment of IT with business, it is unlikely that any enterprise will achieve and sustain long-term success…”

IT Governance Institute
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