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Cloud & Managed Services

Cloud & Managed Services

Implementing And Managing A Cloud

Implementing and managing a Cloud, Managed Services or Outsourced model is more complex than it sounds, just ask anyone who’s done it before. There are huge benefits, however, if you get it right.

As an independent advisory with extensive experience in this area, we can help you get the most from your providers.

We have negotiated, designed, implemented, and repaired numerous 3rd Party managed engagements, from small to multi-billion dollar.

We have designed a leading-edge Governance and Engagement model (GEM) that has been used by two of the three largest providers in the world.

Dun & Bradstreet says “20% of Managed Services / Outsourcing deals fail within two years, 50% within 5 years.”

Get experienced veterans on your team, as “nobody does it like someone who’s done it”.

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