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Complex Change & Technology Implementation

Complex Change & Technology Implementation

You’ve got a critical initiative underway, but you need an independent opinion, or someone to drive it to completion, to ensure its success. We’ve done it before. We can do it for you.

14% of all technology based projects succeed, according to the 2018 Standish Group CHAOS Report

Swing the odds in your favour

There are many opinions on why projects fail. The Whitestone Group has implemented numerous change initiatives and other projects, from the small and surgical, to the huge and complex. With us, you can swing the odds in your favour, and be the success you want to be.

The #1 Factor in the Success of any Change Initiative is the Strength of its Leader:

The #2 Factor is the strength of its team members. Strength is considered a combination of the depth of experience, and the ability to lead.

If you have a project that’s not critical and you are comfortable with on-the-job training of your staff, we can help by providing coaching and mentoring to your leaders.

If you have a project that’s more critical, but you still want your own staff to run it, we can augment your team, and provide more direct oversight of the initiative, still leaving the day-to-day leadership with your staff.

If you have a project that absolutely can’t fail – that’s critical and you can’t take a chance on – we’ve got the people you can count on to drive it successfully.

Check out our PRIOR ENGAGEMENTS to see what we’ve done for others and what we can do for you.

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