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Prior Engagements



A global Financial Services firm asked The Whitestone Group to define, build and lead a company-wide vendor cost take-out program. Initially conceived as a one-year exercise, the program ran for multiple years, and has, through some rather unique approaches, successfully taken out over one Billion dollars of hard 3rd party costs.
Based on industry best practices along with the best of our own broad experiences, The Whitestone Group designed a leading edge IT Governance & Relationship Management Model. The model was adapted and used by three of the largest outsourcing service providers in the world.
IBM asked The Whitestone Group to build the future state of one of their niche business units. We assembled a team from some of the world’s leading experts, who defined and launched the first phase of a multi-year, $240m revenue-positive program to completely revitalize the Business, and the underlying supporting technologies.
The Whitestone Group was asked by one of North America’s larger financial institutions to simultaneously run the initiatives to rescue 3 multi-hundred million dollar troubled initiatives.
The Whitestone Group was asked to provide a large number of specialty skilled resources to a client in support of a multi-year complex Data Center Consolidation initiative.
The Whitestone group was called upon, by a large financial institution, to advise and assist in the rescue of a critical initiative designed to put the bank’s offerings online in both the internet and mobile channels.
Successfully ran a Global Technology Supply Chain Stabilization program for one of the world’s largest mining companies.
The Whitestone Group was requested to re-ignite Agile for one of Canada’s premier insurance providers. We worked side-by-side with a small client team to launch an Agile Centre of Excellence and develop customized training material to suit their organization, accounting for where they were on their Agile journey. We ran Sprints, piloted the training, tweaked the training and delivered the training to the entire organization.

A series of 5 sessions were delivered starting with a half day offsite kick-off followed by smaller interactive group training. The employee survey feedback was extremely positive and Whitestone has been with this client for over a year providing immersive Agile Coaching and supporting the Agile Transformation Office on their journey to mature practices across the enterprise.

In addition to the specific initiatives above, our team has successfully led or otherwise been involved in a large number of business transformation-through-technology initiatives.

We have also led the implementation, advised upon, or been involved in numerous technology outsourcing initiatives.

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