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Agile Training And Coaching

Agile Training And Coaching

Many organizations have started the Agile journey and struggle to gain sufficient traction. If your organization has not yet embarked on the Agile journey we can assure that your competition precedes you. Those that have embraced Agile can attest it is not easy to change the culture and behaviours of an entire organization steeped in a history of silos and command and control structures.

Don’t take the journey alone…partner with experts who have paved the road that lies ahead

Agile Transformation involves many considerations:

  • Does your organizational design support an Agile way of working?
  • Does your Executive team really understand what it takes to be an Agile Leader and Champion?
  • Is your workforce prepared to be Agile?
  • Are your tools aligned to Agile delivery? (Hope you are not still relying on MS Project!)

Common missteps include:

  • Tap your Project Manager on the shoulder and state “you are now a Scrum Master!”
  • Tap your Business Lead on the shoulder and state “you are now the Product Owner!”
  • Forming a new Agile team without providing them with any support system
  • Component-based teams trying to be Agile and wondering why there are so many dependencies to be managed
  • Leaders not appreciating how to relinquish control to the Agile team and support them
  • Governance models that are clearly still hierarchical
  • Not involving Procurement and/or HR in the Agile Transformation

We understand these and many more challenges you may face and know how to deal with them. Agile delivery works better than traditional methods and we welcome the opportunity to prove it to you.

Keys to Success

First, if you have not done so already you need to introduce Agile to your organization in a meaningful way and not as a fad that will go away with the next leadership change. This means getting every member of your organization thinking with an Agile mindset and laying the groundwork for collaboration, open communication, and transparency. We will NOT provide your organization with generic lecture style training as this is ineffective. We will tailor the training material to your organizational challenges and reinforce Agile concepts through interactive exercises so that team members can learn Agile by experiencing it.

Second, to get the most out of the investment in training and certifications the Agile skills must be put into practice immediately. Sending team members on a 2 day certification course and expecting them to operate as a high performing team is not fair to those individuals as they are not being setup for success. Immersive coaching is needed to guide the Agile Team toward good practices, achieving positive outcomes from team ceremonies, and increasing velocity over time.

Third, find your Agile champions! We understand that if we have done our job right we need to be gone. We will work with your leadership team to identify your Agile coaches and champions of the future and put a transition plan in place to ensure continuity of momentum.

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